Retail Consultation

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed as you find your store’s sales are slipping
while your inventories are growing and your employees are underperforming?

Continue doing the same old, same old while getting the same results will spell certain doom.

Your store is not the first one to face such problems. Use Bill Sheldon’s 40 plus
years of retail and design experience to help plan the needed changes.
Bill Sheldon will create that plan and work with you and your staff to implement the changes.

From product display to employee sales training to inventory control, Bill Sheldon
will cover all aspects of a redesign, remodeling or expansion.

Contact Bill Sheldon to make the changes, and create an exciting atmosphere as you create
a total retail environment for today’s customer!

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Zaslow’s old store, approximately 10,000 sq. ft. We moved, recondtitioned the
old sign to their new, better location

New 4,500 sq. ft. location prior to signing

Hardwood was used in the Vera Bradley adn Swarovski Depts.
We saved by utilizing the old Front Desk and Backbar

Note the new front desk with slatwall facing and counter top

Hardwood flooring extended out 20′ x 40′ long

Hardwood after painting the walls and adding baseboard molding

Vera Bradley Deptartment in the making

Completed Vera Bradley Deptartment

Swarovski Crystal Department Area (before)

Swarovski Crystal Department complete
Note: “Curly cord” electrical extensions for lighting floor displays

Slatwall being installed on the backwall allowing a lot of flexibility
for the different dept requirements

Completed slatwall surrounding the stockroom door

Front desk prior to facing with slatwall.
Wall gift dept. units were also adapted from old Fixtures adding uprights and finials

Gift sections are 4′ wide allowing for departmentalizing

During Gift and Card Deptartment setup

Card Dept. in the ready

Yankee Candle Department “before”

Yankee Candle Department almost ready!

Right front corner before fixtures, wall paint and spotlights

Completed Seasonal Departments

Pre-owned gift fixtures completed the floor plan

Up and running!