Santa’s Sleigh Boxed Christmas Card


You can feel all the details of this wonderful Christmas Card in the amazing Embossing done in the Studios of Paula Skene Designs of San Francisco, CA.
The Message inside is: “Merry Christmas” in Bright Gold. A True “keeper” card of the best quality. This is the type of card you punch a small hole in the top, tie a small ribbon and hang it on the tree.


Here it is, Santa’s Bright Red Sleigh all Filled With Toys just waiting for Santa and the Reindeer to take off on his Christmas Eve Deliveries!!! This wonderfully handmade Christmas Cards shows it best with the amazingly embossed details. Starting with Christmas Tree, the Rocking Horse, Doll, Drum, Wrapped Packages etc all there in the waiting for bright eyed children all around the world!!!
The Sleigh is produced on Gold Paper and is Boxed in 8 w/White Envelopes.


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