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Ivory & Floral Everyday Tissue Box

$39.95 $32.95

This particular pc is one of a kind, because the material is no longer available.  In other materials it's also available in the rectangle shape.

Note *  the material has to be soft enough to be used on our boxes.

Note:  Tissues do come with the box, so if it's a gift your ready to go!!!  We can wrap it for you too with a gift card, email or call for info.


The Beautiful  Padded and Pleated Fabric Covered Tissue Box is a very elegant addition to you home,  Use it in your bedroom, bathroom, guest room or it also make for a great Birthday or Christmas Gift.  We also take custom orders too. I can either get material for you or you can send us the material*

We have clients that simply want a children’s design or a casual denim, linen or maybe a silk or even velvet.


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