Christmas on the Farm


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“Christmas on the Farm” uses buildings from the “New England Village”*, featuring “Harper’s Farmhouse” from 1999, and the “Whitehill Round Barn” from 2001.

This farm scene comes alive with all Cow, Horses, Goats, Ducks & the Family Dog. Bales of hay in the farmyard, the kids at play, while the farmer goes off to deliver bags of feed in his wagon and the Milk Wagon stops by to pick the milk to bring to all of his waiting customers.

See the old fashion street lights around the property, that really work as well as the lighted buildings that make this so warm to look at and enjoy. The farm & trees as covered with a fresh glistening Winter snow and the family even decorated their big Evergreen for the Holiday making you feel like “Christmas on the Farm.”

The scene measures, 32″ long x 12″ deep x 13″ high. Extra bulbs and the adapter are included. This a “Signature Series” One-of-a-kind piece and is signed & dated by the Artist. It sells for $700.00**


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