Bill Sheldon at a Craft Show

“Bill Sheldon Designs offers unique, memory-stirring decorative holiday village scenes and accessories to enhance the ambiance of your home. Select from our signature line and original pieces or contact us about custom-designing with your favorite village.”

Bill Sheldon is recognized for his inspiring, memory-stirring, mood-enhancing displays for homes, specialty shops, restaurants, hotels and corporate offices.

Since making “magic Christmas villages” from cereal boxes as a child, Bill Sheldon, President of Bill Sheldon Designs, Corp. knew that creating his own unique Christmas scenes would be a life-long passion. Bill credits his mother’s artistic talents in home decoration as his inspiration and he has honed and enhanced his talent throughout his career in retail sales. With more than forty years experience in display set-up and store management for furniture, home accessories, floral designs and gifts with high-end retail businesses, Bill is able to capture the imagination of all generations.
Since 2001, Bill has been concentrating on a full-time design career. He works with retail shops affiliated with suppliers such as Hallmark and Department 56, sharing his passion through speaking engagements at Collector’s Shows and developing in-store village displays.
Bill has created his exclusive signature line of Christmas items, including original artwork and limited edition village scenes, special gift boxes and other Christmas decoration items. Seeing these items, particularly the Christmas Village scenes, takes you to another time, invoking warm memories of “Christmases past”.

Bill says, “Christmas was and still is my favorite time of year… the love, friendship, memories, all of it. The decorations with all their colors and sparkle have inspired me my whole life. I savor my early memories of my father taking my little village centerpieces to the Navy Depot in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and selling them from trunk of his car”.

Fortunately, Bill no longer has to sell his unique pieces from the trunk of a car. Bill Sheldon Designs are sought after now by discriminating collectors from across the U.S. Owning a creation from Bill Sheldon Designs is definitely an investment to be shared with friends and family for years to come.

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